Not for the Faint Hearted


I have always loved this phrase “Not for the faint hearted”, for me it implied something dangerous and only for the brave. Personally I would use it to describe an extreme sport or a dangerous adventure and hence I do not qualify as a faint hearted. I have tried to be more adventurous before but I am too scared. I have come to accept that I am on the cautious side of life and that it is OK. Continue reading


Braai with Friends


Last Sunday I was invited to a Braai in Pinelands area in the mother city of Cape Town. Braai is an Afrikaans tradition, which involves barbecuing with friend and neighbours on weekends. It is such a beautiful tradition which speaks volumes about the warmth and acceptance which you immediately feel in South Africa. This specific Braai was organised by a French friend in her garden and the guests were a mixture of French, South Africans, Canadians, Indians, and “Egyptians”.

One of the guests, a South African contractor, asked me the usual question “what brings you to Cape Town?”. Continue reading

Why Do You Want to Join Academia?



Ever since I have registered for my PhD and I keep getting this question all the time: Why? Why do you want to join academia? or more like why would you want to join academia? Some people were genuinely interested, others were intrigued but the majority were bemused. In the beginning it was a very irritating question, and my answers were rude. I would answer “and why not?” “and what is wrong with academia?” I just hated the question. Continue reading

So What is The Verdict?

Yesterday I was invigilating a Mechanical Engineering exam and we shared the same venue with our colleagues from the AXL department or the African, Gender and Linguistics department. It was such a stimulating experience, here we had our Mechanical Engineering students writing their test in production processes and the AXL students were writing as well but they were writing for the “Gender Inequality” course. Continue reading

Thinking People

Last year I attended a workshop ” Introduction to Lean” which was offered by the Lean Institute of Africa and conducted by Prof. Norman Faull.

It was a very interesting workshop and I learned a lot, however, one concept has touched me deeply. Towards the end of the workshop, Dr. Faull suggested that managers should set target conditions and those target conditions should create “problems”. These “problems” create thinking people and that is the essence of Lean: Create Thinking People.

If only we could create more thinking people in the world, the world will be definitely a better place.

“Quality is not an act, it’s a habit!!!”


Actually these are not my words. These are the words of Aristotle and they have inspired me to start blogging for the umpth time. I have tried to blog before, but I didn’t really succeed. My big problem has always been that I wanted to create the perfect blog but I didn’t know how and didn’t notice that it will not happen from the first post or two. I was always too impatient to continue with blogging until I am satisfied with my writings.┬áThis time I have promised myself that I will not quit, no matter what, I am committed to this blog now.

This blog will be about my research journey, as a female engineer from Egypt pursuing her PhD degree in Cape Town, South Africa. My journey has been “interesting” and I am sure it has similarities with other female scholars from our beloved continent.